Elementor Pro Essentials No Custom Code Workaround

1 December 2023

Code snippet

Elementor Pro Essentials is the entry subscription level for Elementor Pro. One of the features that is unavailable is Custom Code.
There is an easy workaround for this, one that you will often hear – “there is a plugin for that!”. Now you should be wary of this advice because if you follow it you are in danger of having a large number of plugins that will slow down your site and are more likely to create conflicts.
However a plugin is worth installing if it means you can avoid the use of more plugins. Code Snippets is one such plugin. It allows you to insert PHP or HTML snippets into your website in a safe way. There is also a library of tried and tested snippets to perform a wide variety of functions. For example there are snippets to stop user enumeration, to duplicate posts and to hide dashboard menus to name just a few. With the ability to export and import the code snippets you can create a library of code snippets that you can reuse on other websites.
There are two plugins that are popular: Code Snippets and WP Code Lite. The latter now has a much larger install base than Code Snippets and it’s what I use currently.
Even if you had the full version of Elementor Pro, using a code snippets plugin would be an excellent addition and it’s one that I add routinely to websites.