Please contact me for a quote but here are some outline costs.

Annual costs

Domain Name

The domain is the unique name of your website.  It doesn’t have to be the same name as your business – B&Q have a website domain of 

Cost: Typically £12 / year

SSL Certificate / Domain Privacy

SSL ensures data exchanged between the user and your website is secure. It’s the padlock next to your domain name. A key requirement now for any website. Domain privacy keeps your personal information private.

Cost: Typically £12 / year


A hosting company provides the computer and the infrastructure to host your website. Heavy discounts are offered for the first few months so think about the on-going cost. There is a big variation in pricing – you get what you pay for. I can advise.

Cost: From £48 – £250 / year

WordPress Plugin

Like many website designers I build websites using WordPress. I use a popular page builder to create wonderful layouts which makes the build cheaper. 

Cost:  £50 / year

You will also need...


If you don’t have one then there are tools that can create on easily. If you have a logo remember it has to be able to be legible on a mobile phone screen.

Fonts and Colour Scheme

We can often use colours from your logo as a basis for your colour scheme but you need high contrast between text and background for users with visual impairment. You want your website to stand out from the crowd. The font will reflect your brand.

Images and Text

The web is a visual medium and pictures that have an impact are crucial. Selecting the right images to use is vital. 

You need to provide the text on the website. We can use AI if you are really stuck. 

Search Engines

Search engines allow users to find businesses and organisations that they don’t know exist. You want your business listed near the top of the first page in Google results. I have tools and expertise to optimise the pages but you have a role to play here as well to promote your website. 

Costs for the Website Build

Below are the indicative costs for designing and building your website and putting it live.


From £100

Creating the website and attaching the domain and SSL

Single home page to provide information about your business

Make sure it looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile

Add links to your social media or customer reviews page

Contact details for your business

Optimise page for search engines

Make sure the site loads fast!


Additional Pages


Selling Products or Services

Event Calendar

Online chat

Small Site

From £250

Everything in the Starter package

Menu navigation to additional pages (upto 5)

Contact Form

Ability for you to add news items or announcements

Ability to add PDF documents

Embedded Google map location

How-to-guides so you can update the site

Google Analytics

Additional Pages


Selling Products or Services

Event Calendar

Online chat